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Second time in two weeks that I’ve broken/sprained some or the other part of my body. If I don’t take better care of myself I’ll not be left with much to care for. 

Take all my secrets,
I have no use for them now,
no skeletons left.

Feral Merrill


the naked
hermit, seething

too taut sinew
the integrity
of the entire

it’s a disaster
until it’s

do you
carve out your
legacy, or
trudge untill
you land inside it

I want to write, I can’t write.
I want to write but I can’t write.
I want to write so I will write.

I feel the stupidest thing people do only when they grow older is to learn how to hold on to grudges and to not let go.

I think I may have a new enemy :-)

Two months of very hard work has given some measure of success. All the begging and pleading and calling does pay off in the end, or so it seems.

Anna Kendrick, sigh. More sighs. :)

You’ve got to love how much thought has gone into making the human body. Just consider your muscles which work via a pulling force. This means that for every bone you will have at least two muscles which will pull in an opposite sense to provide the required 2 degrees of freedom. Now a similar 2 degrees of freedom could also be envisioned via a push only system, like say two pistons instead of muscles. But we go for a muscle based system where the force application (tension) is in the natural state which is usually stretched. On the other hand a push based system would generate force when we compress which is not the natural body state and which also means that in case you injure yourself you render yourself virtually useless and incapable of any movement in that part. Thank God for muscles, I rather enjoy being able to hold things in my arm even when I tear things internally. 

Yeah, so my room smells of sweat and room freshener now.